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Introduction to elixir

Elixir, the annual Socio-cultural fest of IMS BHU, is one of the biggest inter-college festivals of medical fraternity of India, with partcipation of more than 50 medical colleges from all over the country. It's a week long extravaganza when the medicos can finally let their hair down & showcase their dazzling genius in field of culture, literature & sports alike. The volume of oppurtunities & magnitudes of exposure that this annual fest heralds, allows the participants to be in closest proximity of a magnificence that would stay with them forever.


"Benaras is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend and looks twice as old as all of them put together"(- Mark Twain) Nestled at the banks of River Ganges, Varanasi is as old as human civilization is. Not only in celestial water of holy river a source of life blood for the Hindu culture but the city in itself is an embodiment of spiritual salvation. A twilight stroll through the ghats is as unrivalled an experience as witnessing the surreal evening aarti amidst the lingering aroma of flowers & incense and the awe inspiring chants of holy rituals. Our dear Varanasi can never be narrowed down to a place or a feeling. It is our home. Our safe heaven of respite.

"Awake, arise engage yourselves unceasingly and dauntlessly in work leading to prosperity, with the firm faith that success shall crown your endeavour."
Founder, Banaras Hindu University (1916)